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Vanity Fair

As Christian and Faithful pass through Vanity Fair, they are thrown into prison, put on trial, found guilty, and Faithful is tortured and burned at the stake. The reason behind their trial and martyrdom is a simple one: They didn’t buy anything at the Fair. The charge against them is non-conformity.

This is a petty thing to kill over, but we see this same kind of sentiment all the time. People absolutely hate it when you don’t join in with the rest of the crowd. Our inaction is sometimes more of a threat than any action could be.

They want us to join the herd and act as everyone else does because when we don’t, we are taking away from everyone the excuse of – “But this is what everybody does.” By not participating in their actions, you make them accountable and rob them of any justification they thought they had in the matter.

The smaller the minority of dissenters is, the more the majority hate you for not going along.

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