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During their abuse at Vanity Fair, Christian and Faithful are comforted by remembering the words of Evangelist from back before their journey even began. Evangelist told Christian that things like this would probably happen, and that people will be angry with them for even going on their journey.

It’s a sad truth that most evangelists today say the exact opposite of Bunyan’s Evangelist. Instead of warning about the hardships of following Christ, they come off as salesmen trying to impress upon people that by choosing Jesus, things will somehow be better. This modern style of evangelism flies in the face of pretty much everything that Jesus himself taught on the matter. Time and time again, he told his followers that they will be hated, attacked, and persecuted for their decision to follow him. We don’t do anyone any service by covering this part of his teaching up.

What comfort would Christian and Faithful had if Evangelist had not warned them of what was to come? If Evangelist had merely told them that their lives will be easier, and they were only following Christ under the pretext that it would be nothing but smooth sailing, what else would they do but abandon it when things started getting tough?

It is to our shame that we have neglected this part of the message. We are not called to follow Christ because it’s helpful to us, or it will make our lives comfortable, we are called to follow Christ simply because it’s the truth. Christian and Faithful are aware of this and it is the rock they stand on throughout their many trials.

When asked what they will buy at Vanity Fair, they respond by saying succinctly: “We buy the truth.”

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