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Valley of Humiliation pt. 2

In the Pilgrim’s Progress, Christian meets up with Apollyon in the Valley of Humiliation, where he is humiliated (surprise, surprise) by having his failures exposed to him (read the blog post here). In the Second Part, Bunyan explains to us just exactly how this works.

It turns out that the only reason Christian had a hard time through the Valley was because of his pride. If someone is humble, then the Valley is not an awful trial for them, but rather a bountiful meadow. But what exactly makes this any different? It’s the same Valley, after all.

Bunyan explains to us that everyone slips up in the Valley. It is simply too steep a climb not to fall every once in a while. If you are prideful when entering the Valley, the inevitable slip-ups will be the source of great embarrassment to you, and Satan will take that opportunity to pounce on you.

But by itself, slipping-up isn’t what matters. Like I said: Everybody falters. The difference is that it’s only those who are humiliated about it that suffer through it. The humble go through the Valley rejoicing. They also slip, but they know that they must slip, and they thank God for helping them through.

This is an extremely difficult message for me to hear. I hate screwing up, and what’s worse, I hate it when others see me screw up. I can tell you from experience that I have a really hard time walking through this Valley. And unfortunately for me, it’s a Valley I often find myself in the middle of.

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